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My name is Ira Plattner of Natural-Holistic-Therapies. I am passionate about the holistic approach to health as well as other important aspects of living a life worthwhile: Comfort, Well Being, using Respectful and Ethical Methods.

I can and will assist my clients in the highest levels of health and wellness. I am living in Palm Beach although I have clientele throughout South Florida. I have helped my clients by eliminating the elements in their daily activities that inhibit them from reaching their full potential and eradicate the root causes of their health issues through diet and exercise, stretching, and massage.


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I have been a student of massage for 40 years and have practiced the art for 35 years. I studied massage at Linsey Hopkins in Miami and completed 750 course hours. After completing my schooling at Linsey Hopkins, I began working at the Doral Hotel and Resort doing 4-5 massages a day for the next year.

After working at the Doral, I began my own practice. Since obtaining my license, I have continued my studies and completed an additional 400 hours of courses in many modalities including Reflexology, AIS, Structural Diagnostics, Shiatsu, Blood Work Analysis, Lymphatic Drainage, and Microdermabrasion: Crystal-Free Techniques.

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Mission Statement

I have come to understand that the most important objective in my life is my Peace of Mind. Contentment, Joy, Tranquility, and Harmony between the Mind /Body/Soul are major factors in maintaining good Health. There are our goals; what people want and seek after. They are the means with which one can feel fulfilled as a human being.

Time is our most valuable commodity. Let's not waste it. I will do my best to help achieve these important and valuable aspirations and assist anyone and everyone who would like my help in doing so.

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